Winter traffic safety – time is money

The volume of cars traveling and parking near our school overwhelms our streets, blocks school buses, and creates dangers for students who walk – especially when snow banks are added to the mix. With the snow, our streets are narrowed and visibility is affected. We urge you to drive carefully, leave earlier, park legally, and allow your children to walk a little further.

We are in a neighbourhood that is safe for children to navigate and while it may take a little more effort, walking outside in cold weather can reduce stress, increase serotonin (the happiness hormone), lead to greater heart conditioning and increased endurance, and increase their focus in the classroom (and we’re all about that!)

In fact, on February 7 we encourage you all to take part in Winter Walk Day – more on that coming soon.

Note that Police and Bylaw services will be ticketing those who do not obey traffic laws, signals, and signs in order to keep our students safe. So if you leave on time to walk a distance from a legal parking spot (or all the way from home), you may just save some money, too!