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Our School

Breslau Public School is located in the quickly growing village of Breslau in the township of Woolwich.  The current school has been open since 1951 as part of an educational tradition dating back to 1847.  The school takes its colours from the village of Breslau. We share the green and blue colours with them.
The school has had various mottos over the past years including  ” A Friendly Place to Learn and Grow” and “Helping Grow Our Future… Everyday!” As a school we believe that all students are learners and our role is to help them be their very best and reach their full potential during their years with us.  We are proud to be part of public education serving the students of Waterloo Region each and every day for the past 160 years.

Our Students

Student Welcome
Breslau Public School has continued to grow with new subdivisions within Breslau.  Breslau PS is in the middle of a bustling community.
The school population in 2021-2022 is approximately 605 students from JK to Grade 8.  We have a variety of programs and supports in place for all students.  For our intermediate students we offer a stringed instrument program as well a band program starting this Fall in Grade 7 and 8 which is fully supported (along with our JK- 6 music program) by our School Council.
Students from Breslau come from a wide catchment.  Our students encompass the entire rural area from the Cambridge boundary to the Guelph boundary on the rural side of the Grand River.  We also draw students from the village of Breslau.  We operate with 5 busses each day and also act as a transfer point for Grand River Students going home to rural addresses each day.
Our students graduate from here in Grade 8 with a well rounded education. Most of our graduates go on to Grand River High School.  Some of our students will go on to Preston High  School if they live near the edge of our boundary areas as we cover a wide geographical area.

Academics and Athletics

Breslau Public School offers a wide variety of extracurricular activities that vary from term to term and year to year depending on teacher and staff interest.  In the past we have offered a variety of intramural sports, put on Arts, Math and Science nights, and seasonal concerts. Students have been involved in our Green Club and fun days like playdays.   We definitely have been well represented with intermediate students participating on organized senior sports such as Field Hockey, Volleyball, Basketball, and Track and Field.  Our older students are given many leadership opportunities whether it is assisting younger students, to organizing pizza day, participating on the Leadership/Athletic Council, or being classroom volunteers.  Every activity is an important part of the Breslau experience.
In the past we have also tried to build school wide community and we have held many community building activities.  Our focus on PRIDE – Play Fair, Respect, Include, Do the Right Thing, Encourage – supports our students in contributing positively to our school community.
We have also participated in community initiatives like food drives, a “Mitten and Hat” Tree, and the Terry Fox Run just to name a few.  In the spring of 2019 our students raised over $9600 for Jump Rope for Heart – an amazing accomplishment!! Service to others is just another important part of the school experience here at Breslau.

Our Staff

Staff at Breslau have a wide variety of experiences.  We have staff whom have taught for almost thirty years balanced with new and beginning teachers. Our staff are not only focused on improved student learning and improvements in numeracy and literacy, but they are also focused on the child and learner as they develop as a person who will contribute positively to society.  We are lucky to have a staff who value this focus and see the continuum of students not in terms of individual grades, but the bigger focus of starting with a child at age 4 and working with their individual strengths and areas for growth to provide them with skills to be self directed problem solvers as they move to graduation at the end of grade 8.